Friday, 23 March 2012

Canadian Music Week – Day 1

Blogging after concerts seems to be tradition for me. Last night was the Treble Charger reunion concert at the Phoenix.  I would review the concert but let’s be realistic, everyone wants to know what sort of retarded people we encountered in the crowd.  Anyways, whenever WP7 and I go to concerts it’s pretty normal to run into interesting people.  Like I said, I tend to attract the retards whenever I go to big public events.  Opposites attract right?  Or, maybe I have it all wrong and everyone around me is normal and I’m the retard.
Here are the notables:
Mr. Come On – The Big Bald Bastard
This was an interesting character. Mainly because he would randomly shout “COME ON!” in the middle of every song that Twin Atlantic would play.  He would do it at the most inopportune times. For example, during  slow interludes and bridges.  I wanted to get it on video but I felt it would be awkward filming him as I stood beside him.  Here’s the closest visual I could find:

Awkward Threesome
So this girl and two guys were standing in front of us during the Treble Charger gig. For the first half of the gig I thought the girl was with the taller of the two guys. They appeared to be a couple. However, as the concert went on the shorter dude started kissing on her and the first guy was hands off. It was like they were taking turns. I can only imagine the conversation before the concert. “Dude, you can have her for the first 8 songs but after she’s mine! If there’s an encore, we flip a coin.  That wasn’t the oddest thing about this threesome though.  Everyone knows of some sort of ranking system of attractiveness of people in general. It’s usually on a scale of 10 where 10 is gorgeous and 1 is hideous. The general rule is couples are usually similar on the scale of attractiveness. So a 10 will typically have a partner who is a 9 or 10.  I found the standard deviation to be about 1.27 in most cases (don’t ask me how I came up with that).  Anyways, the girl in this threesome was about a 7 but the short guy was at best a 3. That’s a 4 point difference! That’s almost unheard of.  You’re considered lucky if you score someone 2 points higher than you. But four? FOUR!? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in a few countries.
Billy Corgan meets Smeagol
This dude got asked to dance on stage because he was dancing the craziest.  This skinny bald guy was likely on speed.  His dance moves incorporated head-banging and general motions that may be familiar to Curious George.
         +     =  This Dude

That was Night 1 of Canadian Music Week. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the week…

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